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Hi. We are Douglas and Regina, a couple from Brazil. We love to travel and we have been blessed with the opportunity to visit many wonderful places. Always as tourists, we met countries, cities, people and came to know different cultures, ways of living, attractions, places, a whole new world inside our same old world. We learned and experienced so many wonderful things, that it just wouldn't be fair to let those memories fade way, let all those moments behind and forgotten. We had to do something to preserve and register all those experiences and moments.

Yes, you are right, we created a website. Its name is Viagens & Imagens (portuguese for Travels & Images). It is a souvenir website as well as our personal tribute to those wonderful places and its friendly people. But we decided to go a little further. Not only make a tribute to all those places, but also help people who are planning to visit to those same places, showing the most important things we found there, and what other people can expect to find. Along with the pictures we took while travelling, we included general information, tips, some music, touristic suggestions and basic information about each location.

Viagens & Imagens has six main sectors, all of them written in portuguese, dedicated to
European CitiesCities from the Americas USA StatesSpecial Places,  Castles and Palaces  and  Brazilian Locations.

In case you understand portuguese, or just want to check the pictures, please click one of the links below:
Cidades Europa    Cidades Américas    Cidades do Brasil     Lugares Especiais    Estados Americanos  and  Castelos e Palácios    

Here you will also find here some pages with english text, all of them dedicated to touristic places and cities in Brazil .
We hope those pages will be useful to those who are planning a trip to
Brazil and don't speak Portuguese.
To check  those pages, please click on 
Cities and Places from Brazil

We learned a lot with our trips, but maybe the most important thing we learned is that Inside, People are all the same. The only difference is language.

We hope
the information you will find here will be useful, and t hank you very much for your visit.

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